Plastic Seduction on EuroNews broadcasting into 130 countries Nov – March 2013

Plastic Seduction - a campaign against plastic waste pollution

– One Minute of Responsibility  – 

The film “plastic seduction” has been selected by “ACT responsible” as part of the Euronews broadcasting program “One minute of Responsibility”. Between November 2012 and March 2013 Euronews is screening “plastic seduction” every other day in 180 countries. The media space dedicated in November / December alone is worth roughly 57.000€. We are very happy and proud that “plastic seduction” was selected and want to express our sincere thanks again to all those who’ve helped to create it!

This short programme, created in 2006 by ACT Responsible, highlights the best creativity of public interest TV campaigns. “The objective of this partnership is to get these great campaigns created for great causes out in front of the eyes where there should be. Often these campaigns do not beneficiate from high media visibility due to budget restriction.” says Herve de Clerck, ACT Responsible Dream Leader. Since it’s creation, approximately 300 TV campaigns from 60 non profit associations around the world, benefit from more than six thousand minutes of media space broadcasted in 130 countries; a market value of 2.5 millions euros offered by the International TV Channel.

EuroNews broadcasts the programme ‘One Minute of Responsibility, ‘ featuring spots for non-commercial, social, and environmental causes. The programme, broadcasted several times daily, will comprise 25 campaigns which are part of the ACT Responsible exhibition touring the world.
* The programme was organised by ACT Responsible, an initiative of AdForum. “Our goal is to federate, inspire and promote great work in advertising and communication, in favour of social responsibility and sustainable development, and to show how advertising plays a significant role in raising awareness in today’s crucial world issues,” says Herve de Clerck, Dream Leader of AdForum and ACT Initiator and IAA Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility.
* The production is supported by the International Advertising Association (IAA). “Since inception, the IAA has cared about promoting social responsibility,” says Joseph Ghossoub, Chairman and World President, IAA. “It is only natural that we support this initiative with ACT and EuroNews.”
* EuroNews says it is pleased to support this effort to promote social responsibility. “We are proud to broadcast such a programme,” says Olivier de Montchenu, Managing Director, EuroNews Sales. “It shows the global capacity of the advertising industry to stimulate further the development of responsible communications.”

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