1 year anniversary of “plastic seduction”

Plastic Seduction - a campaign against plastic waste pollution

In october 2011 over 30 environmental conscious volunteers from the film industry helped with the shooting of “plastic seduction”. We were lucky with perfect weather after a night of rain and thunder… and everything went super smoothly thanks to Palma Pictures’ picture perfection and all those amazing people who helped make this happen.

So – let’s look back and have a little conclusion of what came out of it so far!

  • The website http://www.sos-plastic.com and the according Facebook page were created – which created a permanent community of more than 350 followers so far – without us pushing it
  • WWF international and more than 1500 other organisations and individuals shared the film on facebook, generating 15.000 views in the first 2 weeks
  • We made a French version for Expedition MED who took the film to promote their work with it
  • The Plastic Pollution Coalition took the film to spread their message in the US, South America and their campaigns in Asia – even in Rio de Janeiro for the UN conference on sustainability – generating over 17.000 views alone!
  • The film made it into the Cannes Advertising Festival, where it ran amongst work from the biggest agencies in the world in the special exhibition “Advertising Community Together”…
  • From now until January 2013 the film is broadcasted in 180 countries on EURO NEWS – within a selection of social advertising spots from the Cannes Festival!
  • The European Business & Biodiversity Campaign took the film to promote their content
  • In total the various versions of the film have had more than 45.000 views so far – and this without us pushing it!

…and there is more to come – we are just working on the German version – with the German synch voice of no less than Angelina Jolie!
Check out our making off again – even more so if you participated in the process! In that case:

Thank you so very much again!

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